Backgammon Live Swing, Turku 2019.10.12, 13:00

(details on the Eskgammon forum –

2018.07.21 Eskgammon 50y live in Kirkkonummi. Details can be found in the Eskgammon forum. Pretty much fully booked.

Reminder: 2018.01.20 Live Eskgammon tournament in Tallinn (roughly maybe 1630-0200 or slightly shorter). Swing only, minimal entry, mostly just a fast and action-packed one evening gathering again.
(mail for more details)

Next Swing tournament : 2017.12.17, Sunday 19:30 CET   (note this was moved forward from 2017.12.03 !!!)

Next “longer” Swing tournament : As soon as enough people have signed up (6-8). 7-10 days / single game.

Next LIVE tournament : 2018.01.20, Tallinn, Estonia (often held in Bamba but don’t count on it)
As usual, at least as many Swing tournaments as we can fit into an evening, food, drinks and fun.
(mail for more details)


Since we had a successful Swing test tournament we will do another one live on the 17th of November, 2017, 19:30 CET.

We hope to get enough players so we can start a “slower” 1 game/week or something similar swing tournament after that.

So welcome, and tell your friends as well if you have been in and enjoyed Eskgammon. Word of mouth is important to us.

Jouni and Eskimo will visit St Albans at the end of April (2017) to promote Eskgammon.
[Note! While St Albans was a regular 64 player backgammon tournament, Eskimo rocked all the way to the semifinals + second chance finals, simply because Eskgammon improves your regular game so much]

You can watch the inofficial playing here (who has played most this month, best win percentage etc.):

View matches played

PiranhaZone now has an Eskgammon Money room up (no cash, just using the well known backgammon term). Our first online Swing tournament was played tonight, 2017.11.03. Papagena rocked everyone after being down and beaten with just a few chips left. Congratulations Papagena!