Immaterial rights

Copyright and other mumbo jumbo

I doubt a backgammon variant can be patented and this variant was not made to make money. Fair play though, if some of the costs spent promoting this can be recovered (and spent again)…

We are always happy to hear if you have been trying this out and actually had fun. So far (most) even reluctant stubborn super-conservative players have converted in a few hours (meaning they will continue to play this at least occasionally).
Since we have some sort of rating system going on we might want to tie you into our website, at least IF this becomes popular enough to start getting played in (international) tournaments.
No rights reserved for casual play (entry less than 49.99e).
If used for gambling online or in live tournaments we reserve the rights to  1% of the rake/registration fee, at our choosing. Obviously we  don’t care unless this becomes hugely popular in which case we might want to have certain aspects of the rating system we use in effect for as many players as possible. If we go public with that part it would be nice to get the server costs covered.
Contacted us at Send us mail (mostly answered by Eskimo/Peter Bäckgren).