Match Swing rules

These are the rules we use for the Match Swing tournaments.

Match Swing rules

Match swings play out like a normal swing tournament, except #p matches are used instead of games, i.e. when the original swing rules say game, substitute it with match instead.

Matches do NOT use the crawford rule!

While playing a match, a player may, at the start of his roll, before any game cubeMATCH DOUBLE (MD) using the MATCH CUBE (MC). Since the MC does not physically exist it should be announced like “MATCH DOUBLE TO 2” or “MATCH DOUBLE TO 4” etc.

The MC is then held by the other player.

Before rolling the regular game cube may of course also be used.

A MC never increases in value because of gammons or backgammons (they happen inside the game).

A MC is otherwise handled like a normal backgammon cube (starts in the middle at the start of the match).

A MC is never subjected to Jacoby.

A MC is a separate cubing action, which is only used for swing purposes. Think of it as a supercube which has nothing to do with the current cube in the match being played (except the current score and cube value in the match being played obviously matter when a MD is announced).

A MD can effectively end the current swing match (“game”), even at a match score of 0-0.

When using the Swingtool in manual tournaments, please post the match result separately (for ELO purposes) since the actual Swing result posting does not take winner and loser scores into account.

If played on Piranhazone the match is added automatically but the swing result must be posted manually.

All this is of course since no server can handle Match Swing tournaments yet.