Eskgammon has it’s own forum where you can discuss all things Eskgammon and why not regular backgammon as well.

There is also a section for IBA.

Note: If you were a member of IBA you can now login to the forum using your Member Record Center username and password. If you have forgotten your password, use the “I forgot my password” available at the MRC: IBA Member Record Center
After that login to the forum at :

If you cannot remember your IBA username or simply wish to create a new one, we recommend a username that starts with “IBA_” and preferably your old Netgammon username. So my old “gv_eskimo” would become “IBA_gv_eskimo”.

If you create a new account, simply use the “I’ve forgotten my password / I’m a new user” link.

  1. Enter your email and send yourself an authentication link
    NOTE: The link in the mail works with gmail, hotmail and several other email systems. If the email you use cuts lines into several pieces you need to copy and paste everything into one line. You will also be told this when you use the link if it’s incomplete.
  2. Wait. Because of Gmail you will get a mail in ~1-24h.
  3. Using the link you will be able to enter an username, your real surname and first name (optional, clear if you don’t want them visible – it is possible to clear them later as well) and a password (appears twice) for yourself. Take care when creating an username, changing it later might make people confused.
  4. Once done there should be a “Ideaverkko-foorumille” link to follow (basically IBA is using a sub part of one of my other forums.
  5. If you see the forum with an Ideaverkko headline we are almost done.
  6. You can read some basic instruction on how the forum works (it’s quite good but might not look like forums people are used to).

Basic usage instructions

Horrible instructions? You can ask for help here:

If you feel lost at the beginning, clicking on the Ideaverkko-text at the top probably gives you a view that is easiest to understand compared to other forums.

The actual IBA writings can be found here IBA category