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This is an easy copy/paste mail for people enjoying what we currently do and wanting to spread it to their backgammon friends.

For the past months we have been working hard on having a Swing tournament format available online. This alone might be reason enough to come and have a look.

The second reason is that the Eskgammon variant is now finally spreading and can be played online at PiranhaZone’s server (both match and money games).

Eskgammon is normal backgammon except one of the dice is replaced by a d10. Most people that have tried it consider it to be a more fun way to play backgammon again. The exceptions (to most people) are counted on one hand and those players are so good, spending time playing anything else than something that makes money, maybe is considered a waste of time. But since we have several top country ranked players saying this is great fun, skill is no reason to stay away anymore.


If you haven’t played Eskgammon before, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it fast and will certainly have fun anyway. Come in and train a bit and then join the next tournament. Papagena sits at PiranhaZone most (or all) evenings CET. With enough people we can also do normal backgammon tournaments but most people now come in simply because they consider Eskgammon quite fun.

As for playing, we recently finished testing Swing tournaments and will either host some live or slower online tournaments. Play was fast and furious and our test tournament was won by Papagena after a quite spectacular finish winning streak. Nice!

For playing purposes, this link contains information on how to play at PiranhaZone


You can read previous mails going out to other player groups and more information here


And to see some player statistics for this month and the last… maybe some familiar names there?

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I wish you all the best and I really, really hope I can see some friends again, either this way or by some other means,