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Andrew Hoolan: Dip Phil. Psy: B.A Degree National University of Ireland: M.A Degree Pastoral Counselling, Loyola University Chicago.

These qualifications have been validated by the Finnish board of education (1288/2010,1§) (531/1986,1096/2007,4 ,8 §).

He received licensure and accreditation with the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and the Irish Association of Alcohol and Addiction Counselling (IAAAC) in 2008. He worked extensively in psychotherapuetic and addiction counselling in both the USA and Ireland and more recently as a consultant counsellor/therapist in Finland.

Since Andrew’s arrival in Finland in 2011 he has worked in various healthcare design and delivery programmes with organizations and schools including Rinnekoti Säätiö, Family Counselling Centre Leppavaara, Informed Sources and Kirkkojärven primary school in addition to one to one counselling practice. His qualifications and background in counselling psychotherapy and clinical case management have proved a successful fit with persons wishing to address and have clearer understandings of personal recurring life issues. Negative recurring personal issues such as fears or anxieties about relationships, work, study etc.  prevent one from making healthier life choices which impedes better quality life functioning. Such personal challenges can invariably impact negatively on immediate family members and in social situations particularly in the work place. A common misconception for many is that persons must have serious mental health issues to avail of psychological counselling/therapy. This is not true. Phase of life issues, acculturation issues, grief and loss, recurring relationship issues, social anxieties among many other daily life challenges are fertile ground for psychological counselling and therapeutic intervention.

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