Our Mission is to facilitate the process of job creation in whatever form and function best fits prospective workers and employers/work contractors alike. The dignity of work empowers each one of us to realize and recognize our strengths and gifts in our communities of work and rest. It is through the practice of work that we find meaning and belonging. Through work we share in the continued work of making the world a better place not just for ourselves socially and economically but for our employers and respective communities.

In a world where high unemployment is more and more the norm and where increasing numbers of people are consigned to long term unemployment, there arises the need for some agency to try to bridge the gap between the jobseeker and the workplace. Towards this end Osuuskunta.jolla aspires to be that agency in Kirkkonummi and beyond. In doing so, legal barriers and bureaucracy are lessened for all parties while parnership and community ties are developed and strengthened. The fruits of such effort require the goodwill and the cooperation of jobseekers as well as prospective work contractors and indeed everyone concerned for the wellbeing and positive growth and integration of all Kirkkonummi residents.