As a member you can invoice your jobs easily, without all the bureaucratic hassle. You will not need your own company, you will simply tell us who to invoice and for how much and we’ll take care of everything until you have money in your own bank account. If you do not have a bank account you can be paid in cash.

You are employed by KTO, as needed, so you are not an entrepeneur. This means you social benefits from Kela are not affected unless you make more than 278€/month. If you do, 50% of your social benefits exceeding this sum will be removed. As an rough example, if you make 378€ you will receive 50€ less in social benefits.
Please note, depending on what kind of social benefits you receive, the 278€ limit may not apply to you.
Työmarkkinatuki makes you eligble. Toimeentulotuki and Asumistuki are lowered by the entire sum received as salary.

The invoices sent out can contain both actual work as well as materials, travelling expenses and alike (as long as you agreed on them beforehand with your customer).

Please note that invoices contain VAT/ALV and KTO is a registered VAT/ALV company (FI 2810761-9). Your customers will often want to verify this as they are entitled to a tax reduction.

To be able to invoice we either need a mail address or an email address for the customer, preferably both. If the payment is agreed on beforehand you can even take the invoice with you when you go to work.

KTO charges a flat 5% fee (calculated from the invoice, VAT/ALV excluded) for the administrative work.

Please note, however, KTO does not automatically provide you with a job. If you are active and find odd jobs KTO helps with the administration. At times KTO might find jobs suitable for anyone and will offer them on a first come, first served basis.