Kirkkonummen työsouuskunta is a joint collaborative effort involving volunteers from Kirkkonummi in the development of a work Cooperative. This Cooperative will facilitate the creation of short, medium and longer term work positions between employers or residents and prospective employees.  Residents who are not employers but who require assistance with any given job of work, no matter how small are welcome to avail of the Cooperative’s services

Kirkkonummi’s population has steadily increased in recent years while correspondingly unemployment has been increasing as well. Industry and commerce are playing a key role in the fabric of Kirkkonummi’s growth and development. Similarly small businesses and private residents frequently require help and assistance with various tasks and work projects. Such projects may simply involve the movement of furniture from one house to another, the shovelling of snow from a house entrance or providing temporary work assistance for a duration of time during a busy market season. The Cooperative seeks to provide a meeting ground or virtual space for both jobseekers and prospective workplace contractors. In sum, workplace contractors can be traditional employers or simply Kirkkonummi residents requiring paid help with some particular task or job of work.

It is our hope that the residents of Kirkkonummi will support and share in our project aspirations and in so doing help make our communities more sustainable and welcoming to all.

The Cooperative will be happy to answer any questions or provide further information should you have any questions, queries or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

You can contact us by email at info@jobscoop.fi